This is probably my most popular style of box.  The first box I ever made was more or less in this style, so I call it my "Original". From the left, these examples are in oak and walnut, oak and maple and quarter sawn ash with satin walnut.  Often I make them 36 cms wide x 24 cms deep and the price, whatever the choices on timber and artwork, is normally £600. I also do a slightly smaller version - W30 cms x D20 cms - at £525. Commission pieces can of course be made to any size and the price varies accordingly. The one in the middle here is currently in stock and is the smaller size - £525. 

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Usually my larger boxes start with the same footprint - W36 cms x D24 cms - but have extra features added. More drawers - 2, 3 or as many as you need - and with side or front hung doors for hanging necklaces. The middle one here, in oak and walnut, has 2 drawers and would normally cost £750. The ones each side (oak and walnut on the left, oak and maple on the right) would both be £1,350. The one on the left is currently in stock. Click on the image for further information.